Hello, I’m Kimika

If it is guidance on products and methods to care for your natural hair that you want, I am here for you!

Curly Hair School shows you how to choose the right product/tools and methods for your hair by helping you identify your individual hair needs with decision making strategies and kinky curly hair best practices.

I’m going to talk a lot about finding the right process for you because I truly believe in it.

By understanding your individual hair needs you can save time doing your hair, spend less money on products, and feel more confident in your ability to grow healthy hair.

I’ve spent over 5 years studying all things relating to natural hair and have helped many women with their hair challenges.

Let me help you build a hair routine that fosters the strength and growth of your natural hair.

Curly Hair School Online Courses

We are looking for Curl Testers!

A Curl Tester is a woman with kinky curly hair who would test out the course to offer feedback and review for half of the course prices.

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